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, Trogir     

Tragos comes from one of Dalmatia's most beautiful cities, the “museum city”, which is brimming with monuments and works of art recognized by UNESCO, but is also a town of klapa music and performers. This city is Trogir (Tragos was its old Greek name), a city which gave its heart to klapas and the klapa song. A true representative from the cradle of the klapa song is most certainly the klapa Tragos. The klapa was founded in 1996 by maestro Jakov Koščina and a few talented young musicians who were still in high school, which earned them the title of Croatia's youngest klapa. The klapa marked its first success in 1997, which was followed by appearances in significant music shows, recordings, radio and television shows, and notable klapa song festivals. In the period 2000 to 2005, the klapa was directed by the maestro Jasminko Šetka, who raised it to a next level, where it stood side by side with the best klapas of the time. A long-term singer of the klapa, Milivoj Rilov, took over the klapa in 2005, which then entered a new, prolific era. The klapa excelled at many festivals, especially at VDP Kaštela, where they won a handful of awards, such as Cherries of Kaštela and Cambi Tower. They became one of the most awarded, if not the most awarded, klapas of the festival at the time. In the period from 2011 to summer of 2012, the klapa was led by Lucija Tadić, while Maestro Tonći Ćićerić was the klapa's director from 2012 to the end of 2015. As of the beginning of 2016, the klapa's director has been Milivoj Rilov.
The klapa always stands out with new ideas, unusual covers and the even more unusual choice of songs, where they sometimes flirt with different musical genres, combining them with their trademark timbre, at times accompanied by instruments, which positions them at the very top of the klapa circles and acknowledged klapa phenomena. Still, their main goal is to preserve the original klapa song, especially that of Middle Dalmatia and Trogir area. They have worked with many renowned artists and klapas alike. They are always present at many cultural events, festivals, and klapa gatherings.
They have received many acknowledgements, diplomas and awards and often record for numerous radio and TV shows. Klapa Tragos performed at the first Aklapela Festival in 2012.

Awards and recognitions:
- The city of Trogir, 1999 and 2005, the Award for cultural heritage protection
- Night of Dalmatian Song, Kastela, 2006 / First award by the audience
- Festival of Dalmatian Klapas, Omis, 2009 / First award by the Jury
- Festival of Dalmatian Klapas, Omis, 2008 / Second award by the Jury

The members of the klapa are:
Vedran Harašić – 1st tenor,
Matko Pavković – 2nd tenor
Zeljko Demirović – 2nd tenor
Dragan Županović – baritone
Josip Šmuketa – baritone
Tomislav Jakus – bass
Ante Podrug – bass
Marinko Rilje – bass

Artistic director of the klapa Tragos is Maestro Milivoj Rilov.

Official web site: http://www.klapa-tragos.com

Participants of: Aklapela 2012, Aklapela 2016 , Aklapela 2017

Aklapela 2018

ANKORA - Podstrana
FA LINĐO - Dubrovnik
KAMPANELI - Donja Kaštela
KAPRIC - Zadar
KAŠE - Dubrovnik
PASIKA - Kostanje
PORAT - Lumbarda
REFUL - Split
STINE - Zagreb
SUBRENUM - Župa dubrovačka

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